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“Aesthetics is attention to the pattern that connects.”    
(Gregory Bateson from "Where Angels Hesitate")


Eva Doelker-Heim's works reflect man's relationship with nature. The artist is inspired by nature and its laws.

It is the inner impulse that creates spiritual landscapes on the border between representational landscape painting and abstract art. 

Doelker-Heim exanines the natural flow of color, changes in the drying process or the folds of a fabric. Historical recipes and exchanges with artists and scientists are important sources in the development of her materials. 

The colors developed in this way - made of lapis lazuli, indigo, foraged earths, plants and rocks on classic canvases, paper or found objects thus have a direct connection to nature. 

Location, weather, atmosphere and mood of the day have a huge impact on Eva Doelker-Heim’s paintings – they are created under the influence of nature’s elements so to speak. Some of her work she deliberately exposes to the forces of nature. Rain, wind, snow or the sea leave their mark on the works. 

The artist calls the traces created in this way natural patterns.

She perceives an internal or external human movement as a natural pattern, just like the trace of rain on the canvas or the shape left by melting snow.


Contact request

+49 (0) 456 7890


Eva Doelker-Heim

Studio 32

Graf-von-Moltke-Platz 2 72829 Engstingen-Haid

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